GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY must be defined as core parts of any business strategy. Companies are simply not going to be successful in the long term if they shy away from recognising this.

XLR8 COMMUNICATIONS is a specialist Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy and our core competency is helping our clients in finding the balance between:

1. The CONTRACTUAL LOGIC of the marketplace (one gives so as to receive).

2. The LEGAL LOGIC of the political realm (one gives because one has to give).

3. The LOGIC OF SHEER GRATUITY (one gives because it is good to do so).

Without this third element, both the contractual and political devolve into something less than fully human.

XLR8 COMMUNICATIONS is totally focussed on finding and nuturing this balance for its clients and the community within which we live and work. Every employee should be aligned with this balance. Every action should be judged against this balance. Every decision should be guided by this balance.